What is the
Atlanta Coyote Project?

The Atlanta Coyote Project consists of scientists devoted to learning more about coyotes living within the metro Atlanta area. Whether you are captivated, concerned, or just plain curious when it comes to coyotes, we strive to be a relevant and credible source of information and to provide strategies for peaceful human-coyote coexistence.

Who We Are

Dr. Chris Mowry

I am a Professor of Biology at Berry College. I have lived in metro Atlanta since 1982 and received my Ph.D. in biology from Emory University. As an animal ecologist, I study both coyotes and African primates. My work with coyotes began in 2002. I teach undergraduate courses in zoology, behavioral ecology, and conservation biology. You can read more about me here.

Dr. Larry Wilson

I am an Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Biology and Environmental Sciences at Emory University. I am retired from Fernbank Science Center where I worked as the manager of Fernbank Forest and as an ecologist for over thirty years. My research interests include chemical defenses of plants and animals, and animal-human conflict species (both in the SE United States and Namibia, Africa). I currently conduct research on amphibian declines, coyotes, poison frogs, and hellbenders. I teach courses in tropical ecology, field studies in the upper Amazon rainforest of Peru and a month long field course on environmental field studies in southern Africa at Emory University.

Our Goals


To provide the public with general information about the biology and natural history of coyotes


To be a centralized location where coyote sightings, activity, and incidents across metro Atlanta and urban Georgia are reported, maintained, and mapped


To conduct peer-reviewed, scientific research